USPSA 2020 Area 2 Championship, Stage 8, 30 Rounds

Download full diagram and written stage brief: USPSA_Area2_2020_Stage8

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2020 USPSA Area 2 Championship, Prescott Action Shooters; Wilhoit, Arizona


SCORING: Comstock, 30 rounds, 150 points


  • Open Paper
  • Partials
  • 2 Poppers
  • 2 Mini-Poppers
  • 1 Swinger

STARTING POSITION: Pistol: Standing with toes touching X’s, wrists below belt, gun loaded and holstered.
PCC: Standing with toes touching X’s, stock against belt, loaded carbine held in both hands with safety on.

STAGE PROCEDURE: At signal, engage targets from within the fault lines. Popper P2 activates swinger T3; it remains visible at rest.



Carry Optics: Travis McCamish, 7.0430 hf

Limited: Shane Coley, 7.2927 hf

Open: Aaron Eddins, 8.1668 hf

Production: Nils Jonasson, 6.4007 hf

Single Stack: Tim Herron, 6.1163 hf

PCC: Brian Harrington, 7.6285 hf






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