USPSA 2020 Classic Nationals, Stage 4, 24 Rounds

Download full diagram and written stage brief: USPSA_Nats_2020_Classic_SS_Stage4_015.pdf ; USPSA_Nats_2020_Classic_L10Revo_Stage4_015.pdf

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2020 USPSA Classic Nationals, CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park; Talladega, Alabama

STAGE 4 – 015

SCORING: Comstock, 24 rounds, 120 points


  • Open Paper
  • Partials
  • 4 Poppers
  • 2 Mini-Poppers

STARTING POSITION:  SS: Feet on marks, wrists below belt.  L10 & Revo: Standing anywhere in the shooting area, wrists below belt.

GUN READY CONDITION:  Loaded and Holstered.

STAGE PROCEDURE: On signal, engage targets when visible from the shooting area.



SINGLE STACK: Austin Ariss, 6.3431 hf

LIMITED-10: Blake Miguez, 7.0662 hf

REVOLVER: Caleb Higby, 5.6709 hf







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